Digit recognition

Well, all of us definitely feel good to achieve high in all we do, and this competition helped me experience this on Kaggle.

This article is gonna summarize what this competition on using CNN’s is all about and how you need to submit your predictions in…

Did the movie get a positive or negative review?

Sentiment classification uses and to interpret emotions in the inputted data. It is a text analysis technique that detects polarity.

This article would explain the steps to building a sentiment classification model using the “

Few techniques that could come in handy :]

This article would briefly explain SQL queries, statistical tests, and visualization methods using the .

These are covered in detail in the course “” by Udacity which I highly recommend.

Wrangling subway data

Why not try out machine learning along with data analysis??

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence where we construct models/systems that learn and study data to make predictions.

This is what I tried out as well using the analysis I did on the titanic data set. A model…

Check out these must-do projects :]

How can I learn to code better using python?

I guess this is one question everyone who codes asks themself frequently. Well, one best way would be to try and create your own projects and try modifying snippets of code to make them more elegant and effective.

And in particular, I found these super cool mini-projects at the end…

From a beginner’s perspective !!

My first data analysis project as a newbie in data science to identify the different factors that affected survival rates among passengers who were aboard ‘The Titanic’.


This project would mainly focus on survival rates of passengers depending on their sex, age, socio-economic status and…

Abinaya Jayaprakash

Srilankan living in Berlin. Mathematics master student at Freie Universitat. Interested in Data science & Machine Learning

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